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How to maintenance PVC strip door curtains?


  1. Keep the curtain clean when use in order to prolong its service life.
  2. It is inadvisably rinse with acidic or alkaline wash, such as washing powder. You had better use the neutral wash, which will not only prolong its service life but also enhance its transparence and glossiness.
  3. Inadvisable keep the curtain on contact with chemical, oil and smoke.
  4. The aging self of plastic products is stronger; especially if the temperature is higher, the cycle of changing to yellow will reduce greatly, so please keep it away from the heat source and avoid the direct sunlight the whole way.
  5. Because there are more acidic substances in the rain, if the curtain is drenched, the rainwater will react with the chemical substance in curtain and cause to mildew, blotch and rust, so please avoid the rain drenching.

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